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An industry leader in comprehensive commercial furniture services, including installation, relocation, warehousing and project management



ACS operates to the highest standards in the industry. Clients benefit from our project management, technology and training.

Professional Industry Leadership

• ACS is committed to being an industry leader, promoting the highest levels of quality and safety. We are a member of the Facilities Services Network (FSN). This association of independent commercial furniture installation

Technology Company-wide

• ACS has a variety of technology to keep assignments on goal. The company utilizes the IQ Coordinator app, our web-based software that tracks and contains all information on each project, from beginning quotation to invoicing, to warehousing to all other details. The information is updated daily.

• ACS generates project reports daily for clients and emails real-time photos from the site.

• We offer clients SnapTracker, which allows quick access to inventory.

• Our installers use laser levels to ensure correct positioning and dimensions.

• GPS tracking on transportation ensures quality control and coordination. Our staff is equipped with smart phones, tablet and laptops, which help keep communications constantly updated.


Project Management with Client Focus

• In order to best serve clients, ACS assembles a dedicated project team, led by an Account Manager, who coordinates with clients and ACS’s Field Supervisors/Project Managers, Project Leads, Assistant Leads and Installers.

• The client team leaders often coordinate with our Installation Team, Warehouse Team, and an Inventory Specialist. Our Transportation Manager supervises all drivers and works closely with the project team on the client’s requirements, scheduling and delivery logistics.

On-going Certifications and Training

• ACS continually sends Field Supervisors and Project Leads to training at furniture manufacturers’ plants around the US and Canada. Additional training continues onsite at the ACS facilities.

• ACS Project Leaders and Supervisors are all required to take safety training from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) trainers. ACS teams are also trained in CPR.

• ACS team members are thoroughly background–checked and undergo periodic workplace drug testing.

• Our Transportation staff is registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and follows DOT regulations on the road.

• Our forklift drivers receive special training and certification.

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